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Medical treatment directly in the Hotel Lot

The hotel, which works together with the German Medical Center, provides treatment rooms without carpeting. The treatment program as well as the medical and psychological treatment will be supervised by Dr. M. Harari, who is available especially for our patients during the whole time in the hotel. The CF-specific physical therapy will be provided by a qualified team of therapists. In addition, we also have such medical equipment as pulsoximetry, spirometry, oxygen equipment etc. as well as equipment for physical therapy in special treatment rooms. Furthermore, the complete team from the clinic of the GMC is available.

The patients will be required to attend altogether 14 CF-specific individual physical therapy sessions during their three-week stay. The physical therapy comprises the following:

  • Exercises to mobilize secretion (flutter, PEP, autogenous drainage, etc.)
  • Breathing and anti-flatulence techniques
  • Relaxation exercises and breathing perception
  • Practical inhalation exercises
  • Reflex respiratory therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu
  • Autogenous drainage in connection with Yoga for mucous mobilization
  • Therapeutic body positions to facilitate breathing
  • Thorax mobilization

In addition, the patients and their companions are instructed in the above-mentioned exer-cises.

Moreover, depending on your fitness, you will participate in other sports activities such as beach-walking, hiking, cycling, beach volleyball and water/gymnastics. (Please don't forget to bring good shoes and a light sports outfit).

Attending the nutritional lectures about "high caloric nutrition for mucoviscidosis patients", which will be held as part of a group discussion, is also obligatory for the patients and parents.

Every patient will be given a PariMaster inhalator and a vaporizer to disinfect the inhalation device for the duration of his/her stay in the hotel. The patient will be responsible for bringing along a sufficient amount of tubes, hand pieces and mouth pieces, if necessary VRP1 flutter or PEP system, peak-flow or Cornet, as well as all required medicine. If necessary, patients can purchase accessories for the PariMaster and Peak-Flow (needed for the study).

The stationary rehabilitation will take place from Oct. 2019 to Apr. 2020. This period of time, known as the "winter months in Israel", is ideal for CF patients both in a clinical and climatic respect.

Our German-speaking team - physician, physical therapists and team of the GMC - will be available for any questions.


Please inform us in advance if patients need oxygen partially or continuously.