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Results of past rehabilitation treatments in Israel:

A stay at the Dead Sea offers CF patients the benefit of recovering in an ideal climate during the cold and problematic winter months.

Past results have been very encouraging and demonstrate the soothing effect of spending time in oxygen-rich air, particular as regards the oxygen saturation in the blood and improved pulmonary functions.

Based on 24-years of experience, in which it was possible to carry out these therapeutic measures for mucoviscidosis patients thanks to the support of the Christiane Herzog Founda-tion, cf-initiative-aktiv e.V. Munich and, since 21 years, together with statutory health insurance companies in Bavaria, it can be said that a positive sustained, long-term effect has been ob-served:

  • In some cases, pulmonary function was improved for a long time and constantly.
  • In other cases, operations for nasal polyps were no longer necessary.
  • Some patients, who were dependent on oxygen before the climate therapy, were able to do without additional oxygen during their stay on the Dead Sea.
  • Surprisingly, some of these patients were able to do without additional oxygen up to two months after their stay in Israel.
  • The general physical health of some adult CF patients improved so much that they were able to start doing sports at the Dead Sea and could continue this in Germany after the therapy in Israel.
  • In many cases, these measures contributed to significantly shorten or prevent stationary ad-mission to a hospital as an in-patient.
  • Almost all patients gained weight, some of them gained considerable weight, because their better state of health led to more appetite.