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Statutory health insurance companies and parents' associations:

Starting from the 1999/2000 winter season, an agreement with the statutory health insurance companies in Bavaria will take effect. Thus, costs for CF climate therapies at the Dead Sea may be taken over.

The relevant laws call for additional payments, as is customary for rehabilitation treatment in Germany, too.

IIn case of hardship, please contact your CF Parents' Association, which will then send a written confirmation of the amount it is willing to assume to ip connections, since the Parents' As-sociation will be invoiced directly for the corresponding amount.

Please contact your health insurance company to apply for the climate therapy.Naturally, the entire ip connections team will be happy to help with any questions.


1. Request an application from the appropriate health insurance company
2. The CF outpatient department will draw up a confirmation of necessity or expertise and assist with the application
3. All documents have to be returned to the health insurance company
4. Receipt of the health insurance company's statement that it will assume the costs
5. The cost assumption form and registration for the trip provided by the or-ganizer have to be signed and mailed to ip connections. With you registration we need at once sputum-results (3 till 4) of the last 12 months.

Please observe:

A copy of a current sputum finding, which must not be older than 3 weeks, has to be sent to ip connections prior to departure. At any rate, the original and a pulmonary function test have to be brought along to Israel. Should the certification of the sputum finding not be received by ip connections, the organizer shall be entitled to cancel the rehabilitation of the patient at the expense of the patient.