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The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea in Israel lies about 400 m below sea level at the lowest point of the earth's surface. It covers an area of about 920 km2 between the mountainous lands of Judea and Moab.

The Dead Sea is fed from Jordan in the north and several smaller rivers, but it does not have a natural discharge. Thus, the high condensation leads to the extremely high salinity and concentration of minerals, which is unique worldwide.

The special climatic conditions of this region give rise to a combination of healing factors that have proven very effective in treating numerous illnesses.

The year-round sunny weather less than 50 mm rain fall per year on average gives rise to intense and uniform insolation.

In view of the unique location far below sea level, the air is highly enriched with oxygen and also contains several healthy minerals, which are released into the air through the condensation of the sea. Furthermore, the humidity is very low (only 20-50%) and the air non-allergenic because there are no pollen.

In particular the winter months are a good time for a rehabilitation, because the temperatures are pleasantly warm (20-23C maximum and 11-14C minimum).

The advantages of the region around the Dead Sea for lung diseases can be attributed to the high content of bromine and oxygen in the air together with the sunny weather.